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Old 14-06-2004, 13:17
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Question Error 13 when attempting to launch MS Dash.

Okay, so here's the deal (at least with all the information I have at hand).
Up until yesterday, I was able to boot (with the X2 Lite [+] disabled) to the MS Dash, as well as being able to launch the MS Dash from within EVOX.

Now, I can boot to EVOX fine, but get a Microsoft "error 13" with the mod off, or a Superfro "error 21" when trying to launch from EVOX. I can launch my back-ups (HDD) fine and I can boot to Originals fine with mod off. I guess I don't really need to access the MS Dash unless I need to set the clock and date someday, but I'd really like to resolve this.

I have the entire original C: partition backed-up on my computer, if that might be of any use (you know, with the "error13: dashboard launch failure due to missing key" thing).

Curiously, an I: partition has appeared for some reason. I have never ever seen this before. I originally formatted a 120GB and found only C: D: E: F: X: Y: & Z:, as expected. So this I: partition is a surprise (and suspect).

Thanks for anyone help...

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Old 14-06-2004, 15:05
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13 - kernel - Dashboard launch fail (due to missing/bad key, or anything else that would prevent it from running) and the dashboard didn't specify why it failed.

yea partition I.. i dunno
u use xbox live?
maybe somethin there?

i say u get ur saves off via xbox-saves.. and then use the slayers boot cd to format the thing again

and is ur hdd locked? or not..?
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3 Xbits

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my problem...solved?!:
-one of my friends says he can get about 450 files off it!... and now i havent seen him for about 4 months..and ive written him like 11 emails.. WHERE THE HELL IS HE?! :mad:
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Old 15-06-2004, 17:43
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All fixed...

Actually, I don't use Live and don't plan to... (how is/ and how do i connect to xbconnect? They're free and aren't concerned about modded systems, right?)

Having accidentally activated the LIVE function of some game, the dash attempts to update itself and creates two directories in the C: partition. Off the top of my head, I don't remember what they were titled.

Luckily, I had the contents of the original C: partition stored and just FTP'd it back, overwriting any changes that the LIVE attempted to make. Everything works great again.
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Old 16-06-2004, 03:09
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Error code 13 happend to my console. What i did 2 fix it was load evox, then ftp you xbox and delete msdash.xbe and with ur backup which u made b4 u installed evox reload that in. Load up msdash and it should be fine

Oh one other thing does it hang for a second at the loading screen when u try and boot it disabled?
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