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Exclamation DVD Drive won't read any disk?

Hi all

I have a problem with my liteon 8x DVD-RW drive (LDW-811S) i recently updated the firmware of my drive to DR8HSOQ and now it fails to read or write anything windows xp still sees the drive and recognises it for what it is but does not detect when a disc is inserted.

I have tried to back flash it to DR8HS0P using LtnFW which appears to be successful however it still won't read any disks

So i then tried it again this time i enabled Update Boot Code check box although this did not seem to make any difference either

I have also tried mtkflash before on another drive i had that went wrong. But mtkflash compleatly messed that drive up and windows doesn't even see that drive anymore so i don't really want to try that with my DVD-RW drive.

Does anyone have any suggestions that might Help recover this drive i would much appreciate any advvice you can give me



PS: I have also tried this drive in another machine but it still won't read or write so i don't think it has anything to do with my IDE Driver.
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