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Old 24-08-2004, 19:56
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DVD player vs. the Media

I use a few tools to backup, but mostly latley ANYDVD and Clondvd2. Got a Pioneer A05 drive. I also backup my kids xbox games, so I have been standardizing on Ritek media with the G04 dye. That works best for Xbox.

My issue is that not all of my house DVD players seem to like my burns. They play fine for a while but then stop in the middle.

The weird thing is that is seems that the cheaper the dvd reader the better it plays my backups. For example I got this $1000+ sony 6mths ago multi-disk home theader POS, and it will not play burns well at all. However, the very same movie will play great in my $35 Apex DVD player.

Yes the higher the compression rate the worse my chances are. Non compressed movies all play fine for me.

So my question is what do you guys think is the better DVD players out there for playing backup movies?

Also should I switch from Ritek media for Sony players?

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Old 27-08-2004, 16:53
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Smile costing

had the same thing happen to me my 500 dvd/video is funny about what it plays but the 30 dvd player i got for upstairs plays anything and the reason my local shop gave me is the cheaper players play backed up discs better is costing. To produce a cheap player the maker's put the bear min amount of software in to get the thing to work (so u put in a disc it plays it no if's,but or maybe's) on the dearer models there is more software involved (as well as better componets) so u put in a backed up disc and the software picks this up and can be very funny about playing it.
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Old 27-08-2004, 22:08
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Player v media

I had a similar problem with my Teac surround sound system $599 v elcheapo dvd player $69.

The Teac would not play anythong other than genuine region 4 dvd's for years. ....until I read an article about dvd player hacks and found out that not only could I now play all disks (and all regions) but I could turn off macrovision protection by simply entering a series of numbers from the remote .
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