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Originally Posted by JimFinlay View Post
...the trainers I've used so far don't keep you in critical mass (or don't do it very well) whereas this does, so I can use devastators to my heart's content...
There is at least one trainer out that was made with the critical mass in mind. So there's no way you can say "no trainers do this" :P Just search about a bit more.

Originally Posted by ititit View Post
Caliber this patcher works only if the DLL exacly resembles the version
if the game updates the DLL my patcher wont even scratch the DLL
and i will just have to update the Patcher (if i have time obviously)
doing it with opcode searches is pretty hazardous cause in the DLL i add a section called myhook with the code cave and and then i replace the opcodes with jumps
i could have made it to use CALL opcode and RET to jump back but finding the codecave and adjusting CALL opcode to the position is not in my plans...
As for the patching thing. It's silly IMO. That's exactly the purpose of a trainer. No files are hard-edited with a memory hack. So the ability to turn it off is always there. Suppose at some point during the game you can't progress (for whatever reason) or just don't want it anymore. You have to then quit, revert to the backed-up file. Not sure of the point to it :/ You've certainly hit the nail on the head yourself by saying that
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