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CMCpro CD-R (Taiyo Yuden)

I have been using Taiyo Yuden (now CMC) blank media CD-R's for burning my original music. These have been white hub printable 52X.
But the surface choices are Watershield (WS1 Glossy) , PrintPlus! (used to be called WS2 Semi-gloss) and just White (Matte).

I can no longer use the Glossy and Semi-glossy as there is often an incompatibility problem with slotted CD players due to the extra thickness, caused by the surface coating.

The matte surface is too flat. Does Taiyo Yuden (CMC) make a White hub printable 52X CD-R with a glossier surface than Matte, that is not extra thick, and would be compatible with all slotted CD players?

Does any reputable manufacturer make a hub printable CD-R with a nice, smooth, non-matte printable surface?
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