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Ok I have owned and completed FEAR as new long ago, but fancied playing some parts again on my new GPU but I cant get it to install, now I googled it and read as much as I could find inc the games own forums , but never got fixed, I get same msg as the peeps in these forums but messing about with diff builds of DX etc dont do anything, my PC has been formated a few times since FEAR was new so not sure.
Anyone else got same issue's.


So nobody else has experienced the issues installing FEAR, where you end up having to browse to the .exe on the cd and it then says its "not a win32 application", after googling like mad there is lot of peeps with same problem and some fixed by turning off services etc etc, well I have tried all that is on google and more and still no go.
I aint even sure if any of my installed apps are different than when FEAR was new and I installed no problems, only some hardware changes since then.

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