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Ritek vs. Taiyo Yuden

Ok, I need to know which one most of you prefer. I just got an order of Taiyo Yuden in. I also have about half a spindle of Ritek left as well. On this website, most people say that either Ritek or Taiyo Yudens are great...but which one is better? Here is what I found using Dvdinfo Pro. When I read my Ritek 8X DVD-r's it shows the code "RITEKG05". It also verified that the media is truly 8X. I popped in my Taiyo Yuden and it also verified the media to be 8X, but the code was "TYG02". Everyone says that these media are equal, but can a G02 media really perform as well as a G04 or a G05 media? Please help and post your opinions on this. Thanks in advance.
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