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Thx Grumpy for the Link, I am going to print it out.
The only question that is still in my mind is whether Clone DVD is capable of compressing a DVD like Shrink does if it is a long Back Up.
At the moment I can't think of a title.....and as well I wondered when I check Any DVD and it reads that it is a DL, can I compress this to a regular Disc. As I mentioned, I tried this once in my BenQ 162I External 16X Dual Layer burner and had problems with the burn and b/c DL's are so expensive I started using Shrink and Any DVD.

I also wanted to ask the question about Clone DVD, I have 3 notebooks and 2 have 1 has Shrink vers., Nero and Any DVD and the second notebook the Regular 1 Click DVD Copy and Any DVD version above and my new model that I am working on now I have Any DVD,the latest version and Nero and I am considering the Clone DVD.
I googled while researching which to buy before posting between 1 Click and Clone DVD and came across a thread that indictated that one could use Clone DVD on 2 computers as long as you were not using them at the same time.

Does any one know if this is correct and how wound I copy the Clone DVD over to my newer one and still have the original on my 2 year old notebook,
I again appreciate experienced comments, thankyou.

(By the discussion here it looks like Clone DVD is the one to remain with, though again I am still uncertain about the use of it and longer movies which is when I use Shrink.)
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