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I think the problem is related to the executable or your system, and not to an incorrect configuration of the ISS, I do not know how to help you on this.

The compressor's internal configuration options are only these.

AFR - [A]nvil [F]orge [R]ecompressor v by Edison007.

 Thanks ProFrager :)

Supported engine versions: 
  Scimitar      (Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia).
  Anvil         (AC II/Brotherhood/Revelations, POP: The Forgotten Sands).
  AnvilNext     (AC III/Liberation/Black Flag/Rogue).
  AnvilNext 2.0 (AC Unity/Syndicate/Origins, Rainbow Six: Siege, Ghost Recon Wildlands).

Usage: AFR.exe command [options] input output

  e: Encode input to output.
  d: Decode input to output.

  -a2      - AnvilNext 2.0 mode [default - disabled].      - encode only
  -vr      - Validate encoding  [default - disabled].      - encode only
  -dc      - Disable lzo-streams check.                    - encode only
  -tN      - Use N threads (1-16, default is NumCPU-1).    - decode only
  -v[0..2] - Verbosity level [default - 1].
wait I send you something to test.
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