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Grinding noise on Phat PS2

Hi all, not posted here for a few years. Good to see it still goin strong!
I have a grinding / rubbing noise coming from my old Phat PS2.
I’ve stripped it down and it looks as though when the motor that spins the disc runs up, the CD or DVD is just slipping round and not getting a good purchase on the disc.
Is this a common issue on old PS2’s and is it replace the white spindle on the drive lid, or does the spindle motor itself need changing?
Thanks in advance for any advice!

Edit: More Info

Ok have played some more this morning. I have tried two different PSX CDRs, one a white verbatim with green write face, and the other a silver verbatim with blue write face. The white CDR has the rubbing noise issue, the silver with blue face boots up just fine and dandy.
So it would appear that the spindle hub and dvd drive magnet are working ok, and the issue is with some other part of the dvd drive, or with the CDR itself.
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