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Preprocessing / Optimization / Re compression For Better Compression of Games

1.Precomp: Precomp is a command line pre-compressor. You can use it to achieve better compression on some file-/streamtypes (works on files and streams that are compressed with Zlib or the Deflate compression method, bZip2, GIF, JPG, and MP3). Precomp tries to decompress the streams, and if they can be decompressed and "re-"compressed so that they are bit-to-bit-identical with the original stream, the decompressed stream can be used instead of the compressed one.
:Gitter Chat
:Github Repository
:Github Releases
:Universal CLS-Precomp By RAZOR12911

2.PZLIB V3: A fast and really very fastest re-compressor for Deflate and Zlib, developed by RAZOR12911 but has some bugs when restoring several files via stdin stdout. Hence advised to be used separately on files
:Official Thread

3.PZLIB V1: The predecessor of PZLIB V3, fast and good for games containing zlib streams compressed using default and maximum level
which have headers example GTA IV, Dragon Age etc.
:Official Thread

4.Reflate: universal deflate re-compressor
:CLS-Reflate by RAZOR12911
:Reflate V1l1 (GCC Compiled)

[Stream/Specific Compressors]
1.Media Stream Compressor (MSC): bmp Packer/preprocessor for multimedia data. It currently supports the following data types: dds (raw, dxtBMP, Wav (PCM), mp3. Because This preprocessor is sharpened by working with freearc, the data processing is carried out with a single input file. The output is just one file of its own format.
Suggestion: Should be used be before rep or basically before any "compressor"
-mmsc+srep+lzma or -mprecomp+msc+srep+lzma -> correct
-mprecomp+srep+msc or -msrep+msc -> incorrect, will ruin compression
:msc0.064.7z (Contains CLS)

2.MPZ: Best Mp3 compressor Developed by Eugene Shelwein. It usually reduces file size by 15 % but on some files, it can go par 60%

3.PackJPG: A compression program for further compressing JPEG image files Github:

4.PackARC: packARC is an archiver program specially designed for lossless further compression of media files in the JPEG, MP3, BMP and PNM formats. Github:

5.PackMP3: A compression program for further compressing MP3 audio files Github

6.PackPNM: A compression program for further compressing PNM, BMP and Radiance HDR files Github

7.unpackJPG: Unpack only, PackJPG Github

8.Lepton: Lepton is a tool and file format for losslessly compressing JPEGs by an average of 22%.
:Github repository
:Github releases
:Official Blog Post

9.Png optimize suite(Win32) (Ver 2012-06-15): set of console compressor for Pngs
:Blog Post

10.OptimFrog:OptimFROG is a lossless audio compression program. Its main goal is to reduce at maximum the size of audio files while permitting bit identical restoration for all input. It is similar with the ZIP compression, but it is highly specialized to compress audio data.

11.TAK: Tom's lossless Audio Kompressor (TAK) is a lossless audio compressor which promises compression performance similar to Monkey's Audio “High” and decompression speed similar to FLAC.


Delta: This preprocesses data improving their further compression. It detects tables of binary records and
1) substracts successive values in columns,
2) reorder columns trying to maximize results of further compression.
should be used on raw data i.e. not processed with srep, any deflate compressor, or something other

fazip delta infile outfile
Rep : A LZ77 compressor detects repetition in 1GB Block
fazip rep:<dictionary size>mb infile outfile
Super-rep : Successor of rep, supports dictionaries larger than RAM available.Compression speed is 100 mb/s and decompression runs at 250 mb/s on i3-2100.
:Description of The Algo

[Loossy Compressors]

OggEnc: A very good lossy Compressor for Waves
Official Site

Binks Lossy Compressor: Binks Reencoding script written by PANKER1992.
Official Discussion

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