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You can chain ztool for games like Ghost Recon Wildlands that use both lzo and some zlib streams, like this for example:

[External compressor:pzlib,plz4,plzo,pzstd]
header = 0
packcmd = ZTool e:{compressor}{:option} - - <stdin> <stdout>
unpackcmd = ZTool d:{compressor}{:option} - - <stdin> <stdout>

-m5 -mc-delta -mc:rep/srep64:m5f:mem2gb:s128gb:l1k -mc$default,$precomp,$obj:+plzo+pzlib

In the above we first pass it through lzo precompress filter and then to pzlib. Pzlib filter will also look into data that was precompressed from lzo as well as outside it. If data inside lzo's were also zlibed those will be additionally processed.
Btw for srep you absolutely have to use "s" option if you pipe its input:

[External compressor:srep64]
packcmd = srep64avx2 {options} - - <stdin> <stdout>
unpackcmd = srep64avx2 -d {options} - - <stdin> <stdout>

^then you save space and time as data are streamed directly: ztool:plzo=>ztool=>pzlib=>srep but you have to use "s" option and you have to take into account preprocessed size after ztool!

Another game where you can chain ztool is Mirror's Edge Catalyst, there you chain plz4=>pzlib.
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