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Hi everyone. I'm considering buying a Samsung YP-Z5 MP3 player and also a couple of months subscription to Napster.
I've been reading their site and it;s a little vague. It says that you can download and listen to all the music you want and it's yours to keep for ever. In the smallprint however it reads
"It is necessary to maintain a Napster subscription in order to continue access to songs downloaded through the Napster service."
This disconcerted me a little as I thought I don't want to pay, say, two months subscription and download a load of tracks only to lose access to them when my time is up. This worried and greatly dissuaded me from considering Napster until a friend pointed out that it could mean simply you can't download any more once your subscription is up... which seemed a little obvious and made me feel a little silly.
There is still some suspicion on my part however and I was wondering if Napster users could clarify just how it works and if my suspicions are at all founded OR if I have indeed misinterpretted the smallprint.

Thanks, Topher
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