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Why the hell do you call me mate? Have we ever played together?

My DVD drive is 100% compatible with SecuRom new so it can read at least 94 bytes of the subchannel data. As far I understand Pedro's tutorial the exe file sould still run if I only ptch the first WriteProcessMemory call. But It doesn't run. Maybe the old code is needed and the new decrypted code will not contain the right pointers? It should have nothing todo with the ITA. I have configured my system perfectly so nearly no programm is able to detect my running SoftIce and I never use BPXs on critical points I use instead the BPM X command.

And what the hell means SMC? I never have heard of it.

BTW: My english is not the best and I have really problems to tell you exactly what I mean!

My key is your key and your key is mine!
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