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Scarlet Nexus

Place scarletnexus.xtl and scarletnexus.key near xtool.exe along with required libraries and use -mscarletnexus+zlib (can replace with reflate or preflate)


You can discard xtl and key file when decoding
-d1 is required



Not necessarily, there was something wrong with that post and I wanted you to check what was wrong with it because it didn't allow edits at all, but thanks to Cesar's advice about deleting all the contents and start afresh fixed the issue.


1) There is still more to be updated
2) Yes, they should be used like that
3) When it comes to xtl/ini files, they can be renamed to whatever you please just know that for them to be used in xtool, the name has to match. The same cannot be said with dlls, dlls can be renamed too but the internal codec name does not change.
4) Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 both require lzo2.dll, doesn't matter which version. As lzo isn't like lz4 whereby data compressed with different version also differs.
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