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It is possible to replace the original .exe from the installation for almost every game in the market. As [email protected] posted some lines above, common installer is Installshield which uses special .cab files. You will need the i6comp tool to process that files in order to accomplish success. As said too, newer cabinet files has been modificated to avoid that "cracking", but you can do it perfectly with that tool if you know a bit it.
In the other way i don't want to be so clear, so you could think it's quite easy. I have been "cracking" installers for years and i can do it with some problems depending od the game. Experience and some patience is requiered in order to succeed.
If the installer isn't Installshield, could be the windows installer wi th "normal" .cab signed with special things so you will need again special tools to crack it ( ORCA from the Microsoft development kit for the databases and CabArc to Recompress such file in the correct order that files need to be)
Another installer like the Nullsoft one, or the other famous Wise installer need a bit more of patience and knowledge of the PE executable files to Decompress and Recompressing. Another things require the using of zlib libraries (Blizzard installations as example: Diablo, Warcraft III/Exp....)
As you can see it's not as easy as expected.
I'm member of a NON WAREZ web that shows how to proceed with some games as they are "general" for others too.This will show a bit, but you will need to read in spanish (nothing is perfect). Now we are temporally out of service due host problems and maintenance, but will be up soon.
Hope could help you.

Good luck!

TIP: You can also rebuild your own installation with Installshield Developer 8 or Wise Installer in order to be similar enough to the original one. This will give you a very "professional" ending and could not distinguish between original and "own" one.
in the other side, this requires a lot of time, patience, and knowledge hung. Other simplest tools as the Nullsoft Installer are easy, but will need to program a bit in C++.
Morglum007 out

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