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I have a very strange boot PS2 method, please help!

Hi from Spain,

I have a PAL PS2 30004 with serial C0738022 and Action Replay 2 v1.3. I have a modchip installed that I SUPPOSE is a Neo2 (I had it installed in a store). Anyway I have tried each and every swapping way, I have read each and every FAQ, but any known swapping method works!
I have a very funny way of playing back-ups, and I think I'm the only one in the world that uses it. Maybe is because my chip is not a NEO2? How do I know what chip it is?

Here it is my back-up methods:

PS2 back-ups (non EA):

1. I put the AR cartridge and CD1 in my console, then turn it off (by pressing reset 2 secs).
2. I turn it on by pressing reset 4 sec (till the first light on the screen appear), then release reset.
3. AR loads. I choose start game. When the with/without codes appear, I press eject, swap AR CD with back-up, press eject to close. I wait some secs til I hear the CD is being read, then I choose "without codes" and press X
4. In the "please insert game disc" I just pres X because the game is already in.
5. Game loads and I can play. It works 90% of times

I've made straight copies of PAL games with Clone Cd or Nero, without patching, and all have worked with this method: Tekken Tag, Moto GP, Star Wars Starfighter. Kengo, Gun Griffon, Silpheed.
About back-up imports, I got a downloaded NTSC Crazy Taxi (just to test it, I have the original Dreamcast one), tried it and it didn't work. I patched it with NTSC->PAL with CDRWIN and it worked, but with the screen discentered.
A friend of mine lend me a backup of Japanese Winback to test it. It worked with regular method explained above, and at full screen. I guess it was patched?

PSX back-ups

If they are PAL games, I just put them in the console, turn off, turn on by pressing reset 4 secs. Game boots normally. If they are import back-ups don't work, EVEN if I use patch-it. Original imports also doesn't work.
The only way I've found for booting import back-ups (patch is not needed) is:
1. Put AR cartridge and CD 2 in console, then turn it off (by pressing reset 2 secs).
2. I trun it on by pressing AND holding reset, and don't release reset.
3. AR boots. I choose PSX bonus codes (without releasing reset).
4. In the following screen I release reset. Tray opens, the reader makes AWFUL noises but CD is NOT spinning. I swap AR CD2 with import back-up. Tray closes automatically (I don't press eject).
5. I choose start game without codes. Game loads and I can play.

The problem is that they have the screen discentered, but if I patch the back-up witth PAL4U it's centered, but with black strips up&down.

PSX PAL originals, PS2 PAL originals (either CD or DVD), DVD movies.

They boot normally as they did before I had it chipped. Just turn on by pressing reset just once, insert them and they boot.

PS2 import originals, EA back-ups and DVD rip back-ups.

Still haven't tried them

What do you think of this? What chip do I have? Waht do you recommend me to do?

Last question: in the " how to use NEO2" , the second instruction is" Power off the PS2 for 5 seconds" .What does it mean?

Thank you very much to all the people who have read this long post and answered it,

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