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sorry for delay..only remembered this post because some bot spammed it with advertisements. .

where to begin?

well this seems the most important...
Finally i think that you are a FANATICAL hacker that only have a lot of hack tools like ollydbg and only can work with pe header and pe structure without Programing knowledge . (can you write a program hello world with qbasic)
well hmm, my job is a software developer.and reverse engineer, i can code x86/x64 asm, visual basic, qbasic, c/c++, delphi, java and python... so how would you like that hello world done?

my comments were critical in an attempt to get you to wake up and stop coding shit which you think makes you look leet...there were some obvious bugs and you know it...
DO NOT PM me with questions, leave that in the forums...ESPECIALLY if i dont know you...
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