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OK, don't know what happen to my latest post, it disappeared...

Anyway, I've fixed the RAR Error logging problem with a workaround, below is the full list of current (and possibly final) changes for UCC v4.1.3.2 Update 3.0:
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Rar & 7zip error handling and temp files deleting problem due to incorrect location of errorlevel check in script.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Rar Archiver Error message, there was an error in the script that caused both answers for retrying after an error to just re-load the error message.
  • New Feature: Error.log - UCC will now generate a file called Error.log during compression, if any error occur during compression, the complete error message will be outputed to the Error.log file for easy troubleshooting, if no errors occur the Error.log file will be deleted upon completion
  • New Feature: Diskspan Records.ini - New option in Settings.ini called SpanRecords allows UCC to create a simple Records.ini file for use with Diskspan, this is required for CIUv2.0.3.9 setups, it may also help with certain problems in CIUv2.0.5g
  • New Feature: CIU2.0.3.9 Records.ini - New option in Settings.ini called DataRecords tells UCC to create a records.ini file for the created data file even if File Splitter isn't being used, this is required for CIUv2.0.3.9 setups.
  • New Feature: UCC Now checks selected game folder size and then pop-up a message telling the user the game size and approximate minimum required space for the conversion (Not applicable for AIO Conversions)
  • Feature Improvement: Records.ini creation for Split Files (Game Files or Archives) now work for 7Zip & WinRAR type archives as well (Only for FreeArc before)
  • Compressor Script Improvement: 7Zip archiver (not as FreeArc method) now showing progress in console window
  • Compressors System: The UCC Compressors are now externally included in the su-bolder [Common\Include\Compressors], the previous system of adding/changing/updating compressors have been removed
  • Compressors Changes: Updated 7Zip to v18.01 & replaced with 32bit edition for compatiblity
  • Compressors Changes: Replaced Rar.exe file with 32bit edition for compatibility
  • Script Optimization: Optimize script to work correctly with the EXTERNAL compressors system
  • Visual Changes: Minor wording changes in Archivers error messages

Known Issues
  • When Using RAR archiver there's still no progress indicator, I don't really think it's possible to do while keeping the console output clean

Also, thinking & working on trying to make the UCC script a Batch/VBS hybrid, which will mean it will hopefully have a simple message box based GUI added to it, but that's still a big maybe as it is a huge undertaking so it'll probably won't be in Update 3.0, also, if it does happen, I'm gonna try and change the main archive programs (FreeArc, 7Zip, WinRAR) to use the GUI version of their executable files to avoid command line windows and assure progress is shown.

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