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Securom 7 Workarounds.

We could post how we setup our systems to workaround the securom 7 protection.

Here is my step by step.

Heres is how I got Crime Life and Path of Neo to work.

1. First of all I made sure my virtual drives are first in the drive letter chain. I.e. virtual drive first, then dvd-rw next. To do this, I went to my control panel and into administrative tools then to computer management.

In here I went to Disc Management on the left list, here it shows all your HD's and CD/DVD's drives also. You will notice a small square on the left of each drive, if you right click it you can change the drive letters.

Note: Dont try with hard disks you will screw things up, just CD/DVD's and Virtual Drives.

First I changed my real drive/s to another drive letter. So it leaves its old letter available for the virtual drive/s.

Second changed virtual drives letter to available lowest letters, then third did the same again with the real drives to the lowest. This makes your virtual drives first in the chain and real 2nd. This is important for me and possibly for you.

2. Mounted image with DT4, (when I installed DT4 I changed bus names while installing). You will see this option.

3. After mounting image, I went back as if im mounting an image and went to Set Drive Parameters instead, and changed the 3 top names at the top. Namely Vendor, Model and Revision.

4. Enabled all emulation on DT4.

5. Closed DT4 from taskbar saying yes to keep emulation

6. Disabled my real DVD-rw drive in the device manager, didnt have to unplug it. (on a side note this works for SF also). If you dont know how to do this, right click My Computer and goto properties, then to hardware tab, then to device manager, open up the cd/dvd drives in the list and right click your real drive/s and choose disable (not uninstall).

7. Played the game.

I havent used Sr7Stop since it wont work with DT4, and I havent used any other hiding programs like Anti-Blaxx etc.
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