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what is the difference

Pzlib options

Pre-ZLIB (pzlib)

Alternative of precomp

This program detects and unpack zlib streams for a certain input
giving you an option to apply a stronger compression such as LZMA.

This only detects zlib streams compressed using default and maximum level
which have headers. (It doesn't detect headerless)

pZLib encode/decode [options] inputfile -o outputfile
inputfile/outputfile can be specified as "-" for stdin/stdout

-t#: Number of threads to use (maximum = 8)
-t#p: (default = 50) Percentage of threads to use
-v: Verification so that restoration keeps CRC the same
-ai: Prints out additional information

Input and/or Output can be "-" to signal stdin and/or stdout usage.
Multi threading only works during restoration.

pzlib encode $$arcdatafile$$.tmp -o $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp

Created by Razor12911 and Panker1992
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