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Originally Posted by y_thelastknight View Post
I did everything correctly. I compressed Darksiders 2 and got 1.6gb from 5.4gb. that is first game I tried to compress and it failed. just now I compressed black ops and it installed correctly. I'm going to compress Race on game. will tell you the result.

also with your permission, can i implement this method of UltraARC to my project?
For my part, yes.
UltraArc is developed by Razor12911 and the credits are his (But someone keeps editing it, as this last version has removed certain features that I thought should be kept).
Only the script code (including ISPP code for the compressors included) that I created.
You may still have small parts of the original code Yener90 (CIU) and FreeArc example (Razor12911) in the Light Installer Script.
So even the script code is not entirely mine.
I just fully developed "COMPRESSOR_GUI.exe" and redid almost the entire "DiskSpan.bat" file.
For my part, you can use it, without problems, but I would recommend at least commenting some reference to the developers of the included software, such as UltraArc....

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