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Originally Posted by pincoball View Post
I've been trying to use Light Installer on a set of archives splitted by DiskSpan (total packed = 12GB, unpacked = 35GB) when it comes to extract them during installation it remains stuck at "Extracting temporary files..."

Then I compared it with ASIS (and the version of DiskSpan dll it comes with) and it works flawlessly.

What I strangely noticed in Light Script (and your modificed DiskSpan dll) while remaining stuck at the caption said before, it just copy the archives slices (data.bin.001, etc.) in the temp folder %TEMP%\is-[random code].tmp while ASIS doesn't. Moreover I wasn't be able to reproduce the problem with smaller archives compressed with same method

So what I ask is if it is some sort of bug and also if I can revert to the original DiskSpan that comes with ASIS (simply changing the declarations of functions didn't seems to work)
If possible, let me know which game you compressed and which method you used.
Did you assume that you are copying Data1.001 data files, etc. to the temporary folder? This should not happen.
Remember that version and is necessary to use CIU Tools (The previous tools may not work).
It is not possible to use the ASIS DiskSpan without redoing much of the code and would also not support the Pause button (While unpacking is paused, time is paused as well).

I updated a new file in the first post...
Try now.

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