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I've been trying to use Light Installer on a set of archives splitted by DiskSpan (total packed = 12GB, unpacked = 35GB) when it comes to extract them during installation it remains stuck at "Extracting temporary files..."

Then I compared it with ASIS (and the version of DiskSpan dll it comes with) and it works flawlessly.

What I strangely noticed in Light Script (and your modificed DiskSpan dll) while remaining stuck at the caption said before, it just copy the archives slices (data.bin.001, etc.) in the temp folder %TEMP%\is-[random code].tmp while ASIS doesn't. Moreover I wasn't be able to reproduce the problem with smaller archives compressed with same method

So what I ask is if it is some sort of bug and also if I can revert to the original DiskSpan that comes with ASIS (simply changing the declarations of functions didn't seems to work)
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