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Originally Posted by pakrat2k2 View Post
do the conversion as its posted to fit on 4xdvd5. IF you want to do different compression look to data#.lst files. Those tell what files go in each dvd, you want no compression then it wont fit on 4xdvd5 without changing around the files lists.

you want to know what other methods of compression, simply start up inno, click on help, read the documentation within inno, it will tell you all you want to know.
I think "lzma" take too long for converting and installation process, I usually use "zip" compression..
before I do "no compression", I did the conversion as its posted above but it's take 2 hour just for and only 10%,, .. so, I think maybe it will faster if use no compression or zip method..

maybe I'll try again this convertion as its posted above..
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