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Originally Posted by Joe Forster/STA View Post
As I wrote above, the latest ffdshow doesn't play this video. (Or it could play it if it was registered itself to the "H264" FourCC?!)
FFDshow is what VLC uses, so if VLC can play it, then FFdshow cant, its MPC thats unable to read the AVI file correctly. I can play other .avi and .mp4 files encoded with a h264 video stream fine in MPC.

Hmm, strange. FFdshow's homepage hasent been updated since 2004, but there are websites on the net that have a version that was released on September 3, 2006.

Anyway, I am certain that ffdshow has a h264 decoder, ive seen it. I dont know why this file isn't playing in MPC but I doubt its an h264 codec issue. Every other player that isnt VLC or mplayer was unable to play this file either, it didnt create a correctly formatted AVI, vlc just manages to ignore the errors.
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