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Hmm, well, first of all I needed to add two more switches to mencoder, "-noski"p and "-ofps 29.97"

Without -noskip I just get a useless 4k junk file.

I had tried using the FourCC changer included with the Xvid codec to change it before I had posted this problem here, but it didnt work.

So, I tried what you said about manually editing it with a hex editor.

It still would not play in MPC (yes, I can play other h264 video in it) but worked in VLC. Id really want this file to be playable in just about anything that supports AVI and the h264 codec, which is just about every player I know of except for WMP, so I can't have an AVI file that only works in VLC, since the file is likely still slightly corrupt.

Also, the file was filled with instances of this text "[= MPlayer junk data! =]", any idea why that is there?

Ill look into that plugin and program for converting the audio.
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