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Smile arccos protection

I am trying to understand DVD protection, and ways to back-up my movies. I have used DVD43 and Roxio Media Center 7 with great results until I ran into Macrovision. I have DVD Decrypter which did a fine job of extracting the VOB files to my hard drive. I was following your instructions in this thread as best I could. So, I used VobBlanker and did another extraction from the disk, but got the following error message at the end of the operation -= "error reading input VOB - unsynchronized ". I have saved the VobBlanker log if seeing it would help.

I changed the extension of the VOB output to MPG just to see if the movie was present, and what I have is a movie with really messed up sound. As you can tell, I havent a clue what I'm doing hehe, but I'm willing to learn. Also, I cant see the output from decrypter from any programs i have.

I need help.


Mike Boe
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