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RTW barbarian invasion 1.6

Good evening,

I precise that i have the original game DVD (rome total war gold edition "total war eras" = rome total war 1.5 + barbarian invasion 1.6 + alexander 1.9).

Few weeks ago, i have reinstalled this game from DVD.
Installation worked properly but after, it was impossible launch the game with the DVD inserted in the DVDdrive.

Don't know exactly why, but supposed it was media player or graphic driver problem... but i didn't want install old version of windows media player or nvidia graphic driver just for this game (because last version of media player or graphic driver is better for recent games).

So, for this particular game, i have downloaded gamecopywold nocd :
rome total war 1.5 nocd = works
rome total war alexander 1.9 nocd = works
rome total war barbarian invasion 1.6 = antispyware test has found "trojan cryptXpack", so i didn't use this no-cd and threw it to -> recycle bin. (precision : antispyware doesn't find trojan if we test the compressed zip archive. The trojan is only detected when the .exe unzipped file is directly tested).

I thank you very much for rtw and alexander nocd that balanced my "launch game error".
And so, it seems there is a trojan in .exe of barbarian invasion 1.6 nocd.

Please, what do you think about ? Is there really a trojan in this file ?
I tested again the file and told there was a trojan too.
Please, how could this file be cleaned from its trojan ?

Thank in anticipation for your contest.
Good bye.

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