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Arrow ISDone lite Library

ISDone lite

  • Name: ISDone lite
  • Version: v0.1
  • Author: BLACKFIRE69
  • Project: A Side project of XTime v6 (2021).

  • Installation speed added by default.
  • It doesn't need "records.inf".

  TCallback = function(OveralPct,CurrentPct:integer;CurrentFile,TimeStr1,TimeStr2,TimeStr3,Speed:PAnsiChar): longword;

function ISArcExtract(InputFile, OutputPath, Password, CfgFile, WorkPath: WideString):boolean; external '[email protected]:ISDone.dll stdcall delayload';
function ISDoneInit(WinHandle: longint; disks, timeformat: integer; callback: TCallback): boolean; external '[email protected]:ISDone.dll stdcall';
function SuspendProc:boolean; external '[email protected]:ISDone.dll stdcall';
function ResumeProc:boolean; external '[email protected]:ISDone.dll stdcall';
function Exec2(FileName, Param: WideString;Show:boolean): boolean; external '[email protected]:ISDone.dll stdcall delayload';
procedure ISDoneStop; external '[email protected]:ISDone.dll stdcall';
function ChangeLanguage(Language:WideString):boolean; external '[email protected]:ISDone.dll stdcall delayload';

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File Type: png ISDoneLiteImage21.png (13.8 KB, 312 views)
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File Type: rar ISDone_lite_with_example.rar (950.6 KB, 184 views)

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