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play multiple file from "start position" to "end position" ?

i want to creat playlist that play multiple video file like this,but i can't find anyway to do this , so i ask for help .If you know how to do or a software can do this ,please tell me
the process will look like this :

video1.avi [start position] to [end postition]
video2.avi [start position] to [end postition]
video3.avi [start position] to [end postition]
[start position] to [end postition] is the time of videos such as
4:01 (241 sec) , 3:02 (182 sec)

the player will jump to [start position] of video1 , play to [end postion] of video1
then jump to [start position] of video2 ,play to [end postion] of video2

the start and end postion of each video will be save ,such as will be set manual by player ,then save to playlist file , or even better we can edit it by open playlist file by text editor ....

sorry for bad english
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