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Originally Posted by ititit View Post
I've made a little DLL hack for prototype
this is not a trainer the patcher included here modifies prototypeenginef.dll
so u wont need to use trainers anymore

NUMPAD 1 - Enable GodMode-InfAmmo
NUMPAD 2 - Disable GodMode-InfAmmo
NUMPAD 4 - Enable SlowMotion
NUMPAD 5 - Disable SlowMotion

The GOD Mode put you in Critical Mass so have fun with devastator Attacks

FIXED the pointer i was using isnt the right one now i'm using a pointer that originally was in a readonly memory obviously now it has the permission to write there
FIXED again :| the patcher was mistakenly modifing image size try now and tell me
hmmm it dont work for me am i dowing somting wrong ?
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