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Tried this today after I beat the game on normal (want to finish all the other stuff fast)... Anyway, whenever a game is loaded, prototype crashes. Same version, etc, and the patcher didn't complain.

If it matters: Vista 64.

Anyway, thanks for the attempt.

I see various trainers, etc out there, but no sharing in the knowledge. Personally I would like to see something on the order of memory offsets, etc for X, Y, Z... I have done a cpl trainers/save file editors in the past (Diablo's Hellfire Expansion - HellfireGod,..., a memory editor (older OS), etc). I would much prefer to have a sharing of knowledge than to download a trainer. I figure the more time I spend on hacking, the more worth I get out of paying for the game.

05073010 offset for EP (current??? - not active HP, but available to spend)
05074070 offset for EP (statics page???)
05073FA0 offset for total EP earned.

I would like to find the locations for the events....

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