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To answer your first question, mini-images can be made two ways. You can make a full-image of the game using Alcohol 120% and then download Mini-Image Ripper. Second way is (and I prefer this one when creating my home-made mini-images) to load Alcohol, select the protection and 1x speed, and as soon as you notice Alcohol encounters Disk Read Errors, to cancel the procedure but NOT delete the files. This results in a nice mini-image, as the Table-of-Contents of the disk has already been written on the image.

To use the image, just mount it with Daemon Tools (left-click on the thunder icon and select Device 0; I still wonder why people always tell others to right-click on it... lol)

As for my opinion on the mini-image trend, well, I think the people that actually call them lame, are lame themselves. I believe they think that us who make those Mini-Images are lame, because we've supposedly made a crack without actually cracking the protection. Or they whine because they can't bother the loooooong time it takes to mount a mini-image.

While actually, the advantages are many. Cracks can be quite some MBs, while Mini-Images are (at least compressed) less than 1MB. And also, the main advantage is that they're version independent. You can patch the game without replacing exes back and forth, because you have altered no game-files in reality! And you don't need to download a new crack, because your mini-image is still a pure little image of your original CD, and it still works, as your original CD would work!

Well, that's my view on it...

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