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i appreciate your responses and thoughts Joe, but that's impractical and probably impossible. We don't disassemble EVERY trainer from other trainer makers and test them all. It's only the ones that come out immediately after hours with the same exact options, then we look further and see if the code locations are the same, etc. then we might put in dummy code or have to repair and option and see that the other person's trainers have the same code as our old option. we are too busy and have too many things to contend with than to spend even more time trying to explain and prove this all over again. we are too busy to come in here and have a dossier of files, code chunks, and whatever 'evidence'. we are done with that. i would have thought that the word of ourselves, several other trainer makers (who really aren't friends of ours but still agree about kelsat), and the fact that they wrote that they were ripping our options in a posting on themselves!

if you want to put kelsat's ripped work above ours then we can't participate here. i think that is what chris is trying to say up there-

also, it sounds like you are questioning the quality of our trainers? is this in comparison to kelsat's, specifically. in light of what we have been saying and what we wrote here, i am disappointed to hear that and this further erodes our relationship here.

at any rate, i don't want to turn this into something more than just a decision to cease ties due to intolerable decisions by the site owner, who has every right to make any decision he wants, just as we do for our own site and own purposes.

thanks again for at least acknowledging and replying but i don't see any progress in this and at this point i don't expect to.


PS: I don't know what DAB means by having a target on him, but he has nothing to do with anything going on here, although i appreciate him looking at the trainers and etc. and making his own informed statements. I hope nobody blames or thinks of him any differently.