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I am having a house party and want to hook my laptop upto the stereo and have play music through it whilst also having a selection of my pictures playing on the tv.

Not a problem, installed the Picture Viz II plug in, wired everything up and bish bash bosh.

But i also want to be able to edit the musical playlist from another computer should I get any requests etc but i dont wanna have to stop the full screen video playback.

Any thoughts?

perhaps i could post a reply to my own thread to give you an idea of the ideal scenario... then you could all tell me im nuts and such a thing is impossible. and i am an imbacael. Id be happy with that.

set up extended windows desktop. start the playlist in full screen and resize it on to the second monitor (the tv). then using VNC remote access the laptop where the WMP playlist editor will be hiding so it can be messed around.

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