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What is GCW's official stance?

We (the readers) see all this h4x0r vs. the world stuff on the boards, but we never get any information as to why GCW sways one way or the other.

I mean, I see posts like this one:

...and it makes me sick as I personally appreciate what GCW does here. However, no one is coming out to dispel these rumors. Is it true? Is there some hidden reason why you continue to [apparently] support h4x0r?

So far I've seen [~Psych], [sheep], Caliber, Lingon/CES and now GGhz all say that h4x0r has ripped their work. I also see that h4x0r is now CRACKING other people's work (see: -or- I also read where many people have said that h4x0r's trainers are dropping hidden system level dll files, apparently in preparation for a botnet attack. While I personally don't care if h4x0r wants to attach CH or any other site, I'd rather he not use MY PC to do it. Yet, these files continue to be hosted here.

You claim over and over to be 'impartial' but it seems that you're being impartial to the point of being irresponsible. If you own a store that sells food to the public and several of your best customers tell you that some of your food is tainted, do you pull it off the shelf or wait until someone actually dies first?

I'm not trying to prolong this war or favor one person or another. I'm just trying to get some kind of official response from GCW. Please don't nuke or lock this thread, just try to keep things on topic and non-flaming.