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Julian84, you are a fucking idiot. First, you attacked h4x0r indirectly by directly hacking our forum (for readers: see first PM in because we're not on your side (who said we're on h4x0r's side? we're trying to be impartial!) and now are complaining about h4x0r attacking you directly? Look up the word "revenge" in your thesaurus and ponder upon why we would give a fuck about other people doing things on other forums?! We're not your nanny so take your pathetic whining, that of a 5-year-old against another, elsewhere.

If you blame us then your moral values are warped. Now, away with you!

[...] I've downloaded all trainers from the first three pages of sicheats' trainers forum.
  • Most of them create a file called, music.mod or sound.mod in the Windows SYSTEM32 directory. (Yes, they are plain MOD files.)
  • The Mass Effext 2 and Dark Void trainers create scs.dll.
  • The Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor and Lost Planet Colonis trainers create h4x0r.dll.
  • Resident Evil and Red Faction Guerilla trainers create both in C:\ (I agree, a very stupid idea).
  • Serious Sam HD creates SCX.dll in C:\.
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and NBA 2K10 create SCS.dll and SCX.dll and game.jpg (yes, a JPG picture) into Windows SYSTEM32 directory.
  • The Sicheats.dll many trainers use is actually BASSMOD.dll from BASSMOD 2.0. (Yes, I checked it against the official distribution package.) Told ya right away about cracktros using this DLL, didn't I?
  • Some of the DLL's are naked code, some are compressed with UPX, Pecompact2 or ASPack (I managed to decompress most). In case you're interested, I've attached them. (Several instances of SCS.dll differred in compilation date only, I kept only one of those.)
However, all these files are also all deleted upon exit. I repeat: NONE OF THEM ARE LEFT BEHIND. Therefore, they cannot be used for any malicious goal. What are you talking about?!

Before becoming a fucking idiot by spreading unfounded rumors, educate yourself, get a HIPS os Sysinternals' Process Monitor or whatever and check it out yourself. (Supposing that you want to help people and not just stir shit up for your own purposes.) And, if you want something from us then give specific examples as I'm not gonna waste another few hours with checking out this stuff myself upon a general report!
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