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No Confirmation Mail Received - READ before complaining!

First a few notes concerning FileForums Confirmation Emails:
  1. FileForums Confirmation emails are send immediately, so you should receive it within a minute (usually within seconds), unless your mail provider is slow handling incoming emails for its clients!
  2. The FileForums Confirmation system is checked a few times per month and is working perfectly!
So if you registered you ALWAYS receive an email in your mailbox. If you "think" you did not receive one then:
  1. You entered a wrong email address during registration thus you will never receive it.
  2. It was moved to your SPAM box for some reason or another.
  3. It was blocked by your ISP, for some reason or another. Then use another email service!
  4. If you still are not able to find it then search your email for: FileForums
The following mail providers are moving vBulletin confirmation emails to your SPAM box:
  • Hotmail
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
The following mail providers are blocking vBulletin confirmation emails (so they never arrive anywhere):
  • AOL
Once in a while FileForums gets blacklisted for sending "spam" from certain users through private mail, we are trying our utmost to avoid this kind of spam, but this can not always be stopped in time... This usually results that a number of mail services, like Yahoo & Hotmail, temporary block mails from FileForums (thus confirmation emails are never received).

To receive your Confirmation Email again use this link: