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Originally Posted by elit View Post
Greetings Razor, I only now discovered this. Its fantastic that you decided to remake ztool. Specifically CRI format is great to see for sure.

If you are interested in adding oodle in future, it is pretty much "8C 06" pattern to look for *always*, with cmd/uncmp sizes preceding it. Even in engines like unreal where offsets to these sizes are to get from initial game header, they are still located just before "8C 06"(xcom 2 wotch), e.g: cmp(long) - uncmp(long) - data(starting with and including "8C 06").
Oodle is in fact rather predictable to detect and extract, I made bms script that was able to extract from xcom 2(over 20gb+ data) unreal files error-free without bothering to use their own format to locate those chunks.
To differentiate from fakes, first byte before "8C 06" must be "00" because chunks should never be bigger than 8mb and whole 4byte set before "8C 06" when translated to integer should not exceed 8mb. Thats all.

Well anyway, I hope for this to become as great tool one day as is ztool now. Thank you.
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