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Originally Posted by PrinceGupta2000 View Post
i really can't reproduce the access violation, can you try without cls-diskspan.dll
Originally Posted by vollachr View Post
I'll try, might take a while though, I'll let you know.

I also have another theory that I intend to test.... The cls-diskspan.dll file I use is one I compressed using UPX to take less space, I want to see if the problem will happen with the original dll file.

Testing the different dll files was quite quick, it didn't help though, the access violation error is there no matter which cls-diskspan.dll I use.

Currently trying to test it with files not created with diskspan to see if it happen as well or not, it will take a while.

OK, when installing files not created with diskspan but leaving the diskspan dll file in the addon folder I get the same access violation error.

When doing the same thing but without the diskspan dll file in the addon folder at all however the access violation error doesn't happen.

So, basically, it has to do with the diskspan implementation obviously, which weird since other than the access violation error diskspan seems to work fine.
Hmm... I just noticed something, I seem to have somehow, accidentally, copied the cls-diskspan.dll not only to "include/addon" folder but also just to "include" folder, meaning I had it in both "Include" and it's "addon" sub-folder, I removed the one in the "include" and tested again, now the access violation error is gone.

Still, why does it pop-up a message saying "Uninstalling" before it starts to uninstall?
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