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1 click dvd copy/clone dvd? which to buy?

I am trying to decide which of the above programs to buy. I tried out Clone DVD on trial and could not figure out how to rid of the Warning at the beginning of my Backups nor could I figure out how to get rid of the Previews of new releases????

The other question that I had, was can this program compress 2 discs into 1 regular disc or am I stll better off to use Shrink and Nero together. I still use Nero as does my bro and we are both happy with it.

I use Any DVD, however simpy don't know enough about the progam to know if and how to go about doing the above questions that I have asked.

Also, I have 1 Click DVD Copy on one of my other notebooks and notice that I can get the Pro version for a Discount b/c of this and so that is why I am posting regarding the 2 programs here.
With 1 Click Pro can I compress a Dual Layer onto a regular disc??

Or do I have to backup onto another Dual Layer? I had tried to do this once on another notebook with Clone DVD and Any DVD using a Verbatim DL disc and had problems and with the price of DL's here I decided to abandon the project and try to back up onto a regular disc and want a good program to do it.
I would really appreciate comments from experienced users, thankyou.
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