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@AHRIMANSEFID's - i think this bug is fixed (theres been a lot of fixes and tweaks in the current beta) - can you please put the file somewhere for me to test against?
and thankyou very much for the report, its appreciated

@ShadowDuke - replied, and thanks, and yep i hope cdkiller is ok too, he always was friendly and helpful and the project was always a fun thing to do

@P2NENp - the information on how to join the beta team is on the main site, im not too hard to contact, although admittedly i dont really check this site that often recently

i do plan a new public release soon (probably october like the last one, with any fixes etc done for the 'proper' christmas release), if anyone does want to beta test, email me at the address on the site, all i ask is that you (1) dont leak, (2) supply the files that caused a crash or arent detected, (3) give some feedback / criticism / suggestions etc.. i dont think thats much to ask

oddly enough, regarding how many people use pid, i honestly dont know, the downloads arent counted (and they're not really a 'good' estimate of who's actually using it), and who knows, the new fixes / tweaks / improvements might get more people using it, i certaintly hope so
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