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Fifa 2003 installation problem

O.k. i have Fifa 2003 CD1.BIN & CD2.BIN.
I don't have a cd curner so i used ISOBuster to extract both files into one forlder and tried to install.
The problem is in the middle of the installation the stupid installation asks for Disk 2, and it doesn't give me an option to change the directory or do anything...just o.k. or cancel so i can't install eventho i have all the files.

Sooo i tried just to crack it as it is, which is what is recommended by whoever hacked it coz the whole thing came with a ready to activate crack...but the crack didn't help either because when i try to open the game it still askes for Disk 2....i replaced the crack for another crack but same result no good.

WTF is going on, i'm sure that you people had this problem at some can i either play or install this game without burning on a CD....please help!!!

Thanks in advance

P.S. i heard stuff about stuff called Deamontools...what is it and how could i use it to help me

I really need thissssssss
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