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and how do i do that? sorry i'm not such a computer genious

What i did try already since it was suggested on other forums is right click and go to properties, compatibility and select to run it in compatibility for windows xp (even tried 98 end win 95) nothing of that sort worked.

yea thatt virtual pc thing didn't woork forme, altho i'm probably doing something i said i know how to play games, not how to make them run when they don't

i followed all the steps on the microsoft website, installed xp mode and the virtual pc download, tried loading up the xp mode in the virtual pc and got the error message "windows xp mode is not advailable in this version of windows"

My guess is the guidelines are to general, made for people that already know what they're doing... maybe i just need a dummyproof version taking it trough step by step from start to finish...i don't know.
unless this errormessage is normal and can be fixed with a patch or update or something

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