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hey guys, since this is the thread for the CIU that gupta has been working on, i will post my query i made on kaktor's ciu thread here, since he has told me he isnt working on the script anymore.

riginally Posted by Kitsune1982 View Post
hey guys, i was digging through the ciu wiki but i am stumped on something. how do i make a full screen installer instead of having the little 498x431 little window? i tried to adjust the size in the setup.ini and resizing my wallpaper those being autorun.png and installer.png but i come across two problems. the first is it displays the wallpaper at the resolution i specified in the setup.ini but the actual installer window with the install/customize/cancel/etc buttons is in a small 498x431 window at the top left of the installer window. the second is that when i do specify the correct settings, and get a fullscreen installer image, the buttons fly off to the left of the installer, and whenever i adjust the actual installer template image in my image editor, i can never get the installer buttons to line up correctly. could someone help me with this? this is the only part i am having problems with. thanks. Catch you on the flip side.

ps, i should also mention i was wondering how to make those cool full screen set up pages like the 'Pillars of Eternity Royal Edition' autorun installers on this site. would love to know how to do that, too.


Kaktor>>> Actually you can't. The CIU was not meant to be a fullscreen installer. The only fullscreen part of the installer is the background during file extraction.

Kaktor>>What installer do you mean? Please link it.

Kitsune1982>>Kaktor, this is the post i was looking at.

also thank you for clarifying ciu isnt meant to be fullscreen except for the installation/extraction part - where you are actually installing the game and you have the slideshow of wallpaper images added to the project - that saves a lot of frustration knowing that ciu is not intended to be fullscreen. i still love it though and think its a lot better than some of the old custom installer tools i used in the past.

Kaktor>>The linked setup is not fullscreen (except for the installation process). It only has render png images (Autorun.png, Installer#.png, SmallInstaller.png) with bitmap mask (Autorun.bmp, Installer.bmp, SmallInstaller.bmp) which are required in any case. Except for SmallInstaller.png/bmp, when you remove them, installation process will not have fullscreen backgrounds,

However, adding fullscreen background pictures during Autorun/Setup procedure is possible, but needs script editing.

You mean something like this?

Kitsune1982>>something like that.

you said you can get fullscreen images during autorun/setup? could you please show me the inno script code i need to use to get the fullscreen images during autorun/setup? i dont mind playing around with the script and doing the work myself as thats how you learn. that being said, could you show me the inno script i need to insert into my .iss file to achieve the fullscreen pics im wanting? sorry if im not making a lot of sense been up all night so my grasp on the english language structure is a bit off.

sorry for the massive crosspost, i felt i should include everything that was said, so that maybe someone who reads this who knows inno script better than me can clarify for me what i need to do to get the background image to be full screen during the autorun/setup process. i know how to get the background to go into fullscreen when the actual install starts, just need to know what to do to have a fullscreen wallpaper background during autorun/setup - where i am choosing which folder to install to, etc etc.

hopefully one of you kind people on the forum will be able to help me.

Catch you on the flip side.

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