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Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
Ahh, now I think I know what your talking about, shame you didnt link that conversion first as it would have jogged my memory better.

I did that conversion quite a few years ago and had forgotten all about it.
And yes the link is dead on, thanks for pointing it out, I will fix it tomorrow. (had a few too many drinks to worry about it right now)

However, I have attached that filelist.txt file to this post.

Ok, I am going to have a guess as to what you are doing or have done ..... I presume you have done the conversion from 2 CD's to 1 DVD? If so then yes the update will error on the filelist.txt file, I can't remember why though?
So what you do is install the game from the converted DVD, then copy the attached filelist.txt file to wherever you installed the game, overwrite the filelist.txt file which is already in the install folder.
Then run the -> patch file. It 'should' work.
wow, thanks man. wait... i remember your nickname, did you played a league named NHDL? Nascar heat driving league?
Thanks for all guys, it works

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