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No, it doesn't work. Because .RTPatch is copyrighted, I'm not gonna upload its engine for you but I can show you how to get it:
1. Download and, using a hexa/file editor, extract the part between offsets 0x001F19C8 and 0x001FA1C7 (both inclusive) to a file called "rtpatch.exe".
2. From nsr-1000-1029-beta.exe (I downloaded it from ), extract between 0x0000A668 and 0x0003BC67 to "patchw32.dll".
3. From nsr-1000-1029-beta.exe, extract between 0x0003D000 and 0x028060AA (the end of the file) into "nsr-1000-1029-beta.rtp".

Now you have a stand-alone Windows command line version of .RTPatch v7.0, you can apply any .RTPatch update (those created with v7.0 or below, that is) with "rtpatch PATCH_FILE_NAME" and the option "/ignoremissing" works, too.

Note: Since the beginning, .RTPatch patches (the actual patch data) started with the "K*" signature and ended with the "DKNJ" signature. This makes them very easy to find and extract manually.
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