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Originally Posted by Joe Forster/STA View Post
The error message means that the contents of this file have been changed since the installation (or it never had the contents that the update expects). Are you sure you're trying to update the proper language and version of the game? If you've changed this file on purpose before then restore it from backup; otherwise you have to reinstall the game before trying to apply the patch again.
Sorry for posting in the wrong place
When i installed it, there was only one version, English version, i tried with the other patches,> patch, and the> patch

Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
Sounds to me you have the NoCD crack already copied over before you tried patching the game ..... always install updates or patches with the original EXE in place, dont use a Crack when trying to update.
Hmm not, its the original, .exe I get the same error, there is a wrong line in my filelist.txt, i dont know :/
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