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Ideal DVD-Recorder for these tasks...

Iím interested in buying a SATA DVD Recorder for my PC.

My goal is to create security backups & images of my existing original CD/DVD collection of PC CD/DVD, SONY PS1-CD, SONY PS-2-CD/DVD, SEGA Saturn, my old DOS/Windows CD-ROM PC games (which have CD-Audio tracks as well as data) and then re-burn them onto CD/DVD accurately as well as my Movie DVDs.

Iím looking for a DVD-Recorder that can copy all Safedisk versions etc (capable of correct EFM coding of regular bits & AWS routines), to be able to read/write subchannel data & RAW mode and be able to write/read Verbatim & TDK CD/DVDs.

On a side note, I tried making an image of a SONY PS-1 game, which features audio tracks as well as data, using the latest CloneCD and my ASUS DVD-ROM-E616P, but this message came up: ďASUS DVD-ROM-E616P doesnít support reading of 96bytesĒ

What does this mean; will the final image generated be corrupted?
Which DVD/CD-Recorder should I get to avoid such problems?

How about these 2 DVD-Recorders?

Does it support reading of 96bytes unlike the ASUS DVD-ROM-E616P?
Also, is it true that it does not work with Verbatim media?
I also read that it does not support bit-setting. Will that be a problem for my needs?

2. LITEON LH-20A1S-15C

Itís supposed to be the fastest at the moment, but will it be suitable for my needs?
Does it support reading of 96bytes and bit-setting and does it support Verbatim & TDK media?

Any info will be highly appreciated
Thanks in advance.
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